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Accepting the Demons

Over 50 Poems about Heaven, Hell, faith, Love Strength, & Murder!
there is beauty in the pain, truth in the rage, and freedom in accepting your wickedness.

Accepting the Demon is a collection of sinful thoughts, malicious wishes, and unspeakable love. The road to Heaven runs through Hell. One finds strength and faith on the journey from damnation to salvation.


Angel and Demon alike fight for the human soul. Tugged and pulled into the heart of the battle, we are left fractured and divided. However, there is beauty in the pain, truth in the rage, and freedom in accepting your wickedness.

Brought to you by Madd Dog Creations 

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Excerpt One



I dream of murder.

I dream of death.

I have a manic disorder.

I'll kill to my last breath.

They say I'm delusional,

That I'm sick and need help.

But I think I am beautiful.

I don't need their self-help.

I run my victim's blood

across my lips.

Tasting it with my tongue,

I can't resist.

With my hatchet,

I make a few small snips.

Following my sacred sequence,

I am a ritualist.

I watch from a distance as the police search for clues.

I blend in among you, so they won't find me soon.

It's time to find a new victim I can abuse,

As I walk along, whistling my signature tune.

Excerpt Two



I was never famous

You may not know my name

But I came before you

I helped pave your way

My open arms provided

A safe haven and a home

A place filled with love

Where my children could grow

From that garden, they spread

Moving out moving on

They did just as I did

Created families and bonds

You come from demons and killers

The fiercest beasts in the world

We pillage and plunder

We take what we want

And care of nothing more

Behind us, we leave

A trail of torture and tears

But know this, my child

No matter what's said

Our darkness does not damn us

We, too, can be loved in the end

Excerpt Three


in the basement we pray for light

please give us sight

we ask of thee

our abductee

let us dream so we may forget

be absent

to free our mind

let peace us find

may all your lies return tenfold

your world turn cold

you die alone

the truth be shown

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