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About Mia 

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I am a collection of pieces and parts. My history and experiences have combined to make me the person I am today, and they will continue to help me grow into the person who awaits me in the future.

I enjoy things that others often find creepy or odd. I have learned to embrace my unique view of the world and I believe every person should have a healthy outlet for their anger, fears, and frustrations. If you don't learn to control them they can end up controlling you.

Come get to know me. Get to know every box and bin in my strange and fascinating mind—everything that has led me to become an author, artist, poet, and most of all, a wonderful, amazing, twisted individual. 

My Beginnings

A dim light flickered off the old box-style television playing softly in my second-story bedroom. Huddled under the covers, my eyes were glued to the screen, and my ears split between straining to hear the movie and listening for my parents' footsteps.


The show on the boob tube: Child's Play

A doll possessed by the soul of a manically deranged serial killer.

"I'm Chucky Wanna Play?"


Graduation State College Area High School
Associates Child Development 
     -Murray State College
Bachelor in English, Emphasis on Writing
     -Southeastern Oklahoma State University

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My body trembled as I pushed my face into my tear-soaked pillow, desperate to stay awake. What if I went to sleep and never woke up? A pit opened up in my soul, leaving me feeling fractured and empty.


I couldn't stop my mind from racing. What is Death? A black hole, a nothingness that would swallow me? What happens to me when there is no more me? Does my mind and sense of self go on, or do I just fizzle out like a spent candle?

Fear of Death
A Sinking Road

For most of my life, I have been on the outside looking in. I wasn't popular, probably not even memorable. I watched everyone else get what I wanted and be everything I wanted. I desired to feel a sense of strength and be strong—strong enough to stand up to my classmates making fun of me, strong enough to snare the attention of the boy I liked, strong enough to lead the group instead of following blindly behind it. But none of that happened. 

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Kiss the Bride

Image a shy, awkward young woman who sits quietly in the corner. No one sees her or pays attention to her. She is too scared to speak her mind or tell anyone what she truly feels or wants, fearing that they will laugh at her or decide she is not worth their time and pack up and walk away.


Yeah, that was me.


Creating strong bonds is almost impossible when you are too afraid to be you. For this reason, relationships were never my strong suit. No matter how hard I worked to build them, I found myself alone, longing for connection. It made me a sucker for a long time.

Demonic Butterfly

Imagine one day you are walking to the kitchen. Suddenly, your spouse says to you that the ex you have been pissed at for years for dating, dumbing you twice, and losing your cherished belongings in a trailer repossession was coming to stay in your home without your knowledge, opinion, or consent.


Yeah, Shawn said something like:


"Hey, you remember Morgan, right? He and his wife are having issues and might be calling it quits. He needed somewhere to go, so I told him to go ahead and drive here."


My husband and I had words. I did not win.


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